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Money Management and Win Targets

The foundation for being able to win in the casino is "discipline". Snap decisions are valid depending on circumstances, but only after you have complete control of your game which comes through practice, practice, practice. And most of this practice is in the casino itself. Practicing at a demo wheel has it's place, but it will not instill the fundamental disciplines needed to win over the long haul. Okay, enough philosophy for now.

Brett has a stop loss and 4 win targets. We start at the ground level. Our loss limit is below ground level and our 4 win targets are above. The win targets are named BTL or Bottom Line Target. This is a safety net. The next target is called Happy Point. This is also a safety net. Thrid is Gold-Top. This is also a safety net. Finally he has Jackpot.

Here's how they work. BTL is the safety net that you can't fall below once you have reached Happy Point. Happy point is a target that if you reach it you will be happy with that win when you leave the casino. This is set by you and is dependent on your personal circumstances but mostly overall bank available.

Gold-Top is when you're on a roll and do even better than Happy-Point. Once you've reached Gold-Top don't place a bet that will take you below Happy Point if it loses. Jackpot is the undefined amount when you go even beyond Gold-Top. So, each plateau is also a safety net for the level above. BTL doesn't come into play until you reach Happy Point.

When setting these targets, we need to think in terms of percentages.

Loss Limit is 20% to 50% of your session bank roll. He prefers close to 20%, but it's up to you and should be a result of knowledge gained from you experience at the casinos.

BLT is at 15-20%. Ignore BLT until you reach Happy Point. It's not enough to be happy with. Better to risk you stop loss and continue trying for Happy Point.

Happy Point is 30%. Happy Point is not your final win target. It is a sum that is sensible in percentage terms compared to your cash for the game and enough to make you happy.

Gold Top is 50%. It's a big win. If you can reach Gold-Top 4 out of 5 trips to the casino, you're a professional roulette player. Congratulations. Remember, once you reach Gold Top never drop below Happy Point while trying to reach Jackpot.

Jackpot is an unfixed sum and only comes around on a rare occasion, but we need to prepare for it when we find ourselves in that inviable position of feeling like we just can't lose today. Once you reach Gold-Top you have the money between Gold-Top and Happy Point to invest in going on to a figure that feels like a Jackpot. If you don't feel that confident after reaching Gold-Top, then take your winnings and leave with a big grin on your face. If you decide to go for Jackpot and find Happy Point safety net saving you from a big drawdown, then you must accept the reality that Happy Point is there to make you Happy not be frustrated because you risked going for Jackpot and wound up losing below Gold-Top in the process. That's what it's there for.

Save for the largest fighting fund you can so that when you go to the casinos you don't feel like you have to win really big percentages to leave a happy person. If you go with a $100 bank and leave with $30 win, that doesn't feel nearly so good as going with a $1000 bank and leaving with $300 dollars.

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